Our Story

Our Story 
The Bad Bytch was founded in the summer of 2018 by Emily  Martin. Emily, who always loved fashion and worked as a  model, decided to create a fashion line. With a passion for  wearing pink and volunteering, Emily was strongly attracted  to raising money for breast cancer. Emily’s aunt Carol, who  served in the military with children; was always an example of  a strong woman for Emily, passing on her birthday from  breast cancer. Emily was inspired to ensure that 10% of the  profits from The Bad Bytch Boutique go to the Susan G.  Komen foundation.  
With her passion for creating beautiful and iconic products,  
Emily dubbed her line, The Bad Bytch Boutique, to  commemorate fierce women battling against the odds  everywhere. Emily’s first release of PITNB (Pink is the New  Black) Signature collection bags sold out in weeks. A few  short months later, Emily and her team are building a  world-wide esteemed brand of pink luxury essentials for  everyone who wishes to be fearless in pink.  
Designed In Austin 
The Bad Bytch's design process starts with an location,  experience, or something pink and beautiful. Our story  progresses into a chic vision board of textures, cuts, and  images. Emily tells her dream to a team of artists and  designers who create and represent unique items. Emily  personally exhibits the creations in all settings to socialize the  brand with her friends. Our products come from Emily’s closet  to yours. 
Emily loves designing personally customized treasures for you  and is committed to quality and innovation. All of The Bad  Bytch Boutique choice items are of the utmost quality, built  for longevity, and are meant to last. Our fabrics are made with  the best materials, are easy to use and wash.